Being too accommodating

When you look at the other people in your life, there are lots of ways that you are the same.

You speak the same language, you all eat a few times a day and you have a tendency to breathe regularly. Some of those differences are physical -- some people are tall and others are short -- but many of them have to do with behavior.

So how do you draw the line between acting flirty and outright desperate?

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After all, if you are disagreeable, you may get people angry with you or you might turn off your friends.

It sounds like a plot from a bad soap opera: there's the crazy ex-boyfriend who won't move on, and the nice girl he claims he can't live without.

The phone calls I received over the course of the past six months didn't concern a television show, however—they were reports from my family, and the girl was my younger sister, Lucy.

Some people view being accommodating as a sign of weakness.

If you always accommodate others around you then perhaps you are exhibiting a weakness.

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