Brooke and colby odonis dating

The hour-long show did so well that it blossomed into a reality series, Hogan Knows Best.

Brooke's road to becoming a pop star (not to mention an actively dating teen overcoming an overprotective father) was concurrently documented alongside the Hogan family's daily life.

Before Phil, she was linked up with several celebrities like Zest Boy, Colby O' Donis, and Stacksnot dating anyone.

She seems to be focusing more on her career at the present time. Brooke Hogan initially started her career as a being signed with Trans Continental records in the year 2002.

But I had to let you know Just in case it didn't show [Repeat Chorus:] [Verse 2: Colby O'Donis] I ain't felt this way in a minute You and me Are you with it?

Having just turned 20 years old, Brooke parlayed her new independence into another reality TV series, Brooke Knows Best, which launched that summer.

He was a longtime boyfriend of hers, but unfortunately, they called off the engagement recently in 2013.

She has an extensive list of suitors which includes Spice Boy, Colby O’Donis, and Stacks. Nowadays, she has been dating her new boyfriend whose name and other details are unknown.

The show documented her life as a young, single, autonomous woman; moreover, it served as a means of stopgap entertainment while Brooke readied her second album, The Redemption.

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