Bryan singer dating taylor lautner

She played their relationship down at the time, saying: ‘He’s an amazing guy, and anyone would be lucky to be dating him.’ The pair split months later when Jonas reportedly left her for his Lovebug co-star Camilla Belle.

But Taylor didn’t come away empty handed, penning her track Forever & Always off the back of their demise. Lucas Till In the summer of 2009 Swift moved on to her You Belong With Me video co-star Lucas Till.

Many people thought she was nothing more than a “beard”, acting as a cover for his secret attraction to men.

Knowing that he preferred the same sex, yet seeing him kissing and copulating on screen with the opposite, would make many people in the world heads spin. It’s the fact that worldwide audiences – and the majority of the movie box office receipts comes from overseas, where (in some countries) being gay is still cause for execution – might not ‘believe’ their acting on the big screen if it involved the kissing or having sex with a woman. If you’re very good looking, male and single, with no history of ever having dated a woman – or at least not since high school – you might as well admit it. CONFIRMED = Outed themself or have been publicly outed by various news organizations and/or by more than three other high profile Hollywood publicists or executives to Wild About Movies publisher, Tim Nasson! Because, for the most part, with the exception of Leonardo Di Caprio, (whom many high powered executives in Hollywood have confirmed, off the record, is gay, and his highly public romances with supermodels are for just that, appearances), virtually everyone on the above list has a profile on the most popular movie website in the world, com, created by their publicists or it is something that they created on their own.

More importantly, these foreigners may take things one step further and boycott gay actors who are out and their movies. And, as of publication of this article, (3PM EST, 2/6/07), virtually all of their IMDB profiles did not include a spouse or significant other, of the opposite sex, nor any mention of ever having had a girlfriend*. In addition, as being gay and having interviewed virtually every actor on each of the lists on this page during the past 20 years, and having been in and around Hollywood for as long, (friends with many celebrities, gay and straight, who love to gossip), it’s hard to not come to such conclusions.

Mayer said he was ‘humiliated’ by the lyrics and Swift said he was being ‘presumptuous’ assuming they referred to him. Cory Monteith In the summer of 2010, Taylor, now 21, found someone closer to her own age in 27-year-old Glee star Cory Monteith.

Both denied they were anything more than just good friends but we’re not that daft. Jake Gyllenhaal As 2010 drew on, Swift looked as though she’d finally found a keeper in 30-year-old Jake Gyllenhaal.

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