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"Sexuality encompasses the totality of our being," she says. You taste it throughout, and similarly our sexuality goes through all of us." Whipple advises people with disabilities -- particularly those with limited sensation in the "traditionally" sexual parts of the body -- to talk with partners about many of the ways to have erotic pleasure that do not involve the genital area.

"Sensuality and sexuality are much more than the genitals." From giving and receiving touch in areas of the body like the cheek, the neck, or the back of the hand to using scent -- candles and aromatherapy -- or music, Whipple suggests using all the senses for erotic pleasure.

(i.e.: receiving part of the settlement proceeds from the document you are notarizing for your brother-in-law) Notary administers an oath or affirmation to the witness Do you solemnly swear/affirm that you personally know that this individual is (name of person) and that he/she is the person named in the document requiring notarization, so help you God?

Witness should follow with yes or I do, print his/her name and sign the document as a witness like such: Do you solemnly swear that (person making the acknowledgment or oath) is the person named in the document; that (person making the acknowledgment or oath) is personally known to you; that it is your reasonable belief that the circumstances of (person making acknowledgment or oath) are such that it would be very difficult or impossible for him to obtain another form of id; that (person making the acknowledgment or oath) does not possess any of the acceptable identification documents; and that you do not have a financial interest nor are you named in the document, so help you God?

Their friendship was unlikely because Philippe, who is the second son of a French duke, was born into a life of great wealth and privilege. I think many people find disability frightening, but we want people to relax around us, because we feel much better if you take it easy. Something else I notice is that Abdel has a very infectious laugh. “I would probably be dead, or in prison.” What was he in jail for before?

Abdel was a career criminal from Algeria who had immigrated to France and had only applied for the job of Philippe’s carer so that he could keep claiming his income support. I need consolation, which in Latin means keeping me as a whole person, respecting me as I am.” The film, which is about to be released in Britain, has been breaking box-office records in France and Germany, and one of the reasons seems to be that it gives the audience permission to laugh with, not at, disabled people, and see their lives as they have never seen them before. I ask him what his childhood was like, growing up as one of nine. “I was doing black-market work but I was so good at my work, to thank me, they let me have a rest.” In the film they changed the Algerian Abdel to a black immigrant from Senegal, mainly because they wanted to cast the French comic actor Omar Sy.

A few years ago, during a nationally televised tribute to actor-director Christopher Reeve, Reeve's wife, Dana, took the stage to sing a song.

Before launching into her number, she spoke eloquently of her love for Reeve, paralyzed by a spinal cord injury received in a fall from a horse. In that "public-private" moment, Dana and Christopher Reeve told the world what scientists and sex therapists already know: Sexuality doesn't end when a person suffers a disability.

But, as Philippe explains to me as we sit in his beautiful modernist villa in Essaouira, Morocco – “at the end of the world” – he spotted something in Abdel that others could not see. “He didn’t feel sorry for me – he was irreverent, cheeky and had an outrageous sense of humour. And he became a friend afterwards.” As well as sharing a sense of humour, they were both on the margins of society – a disabled man and a criminal. But he has now settled down and is married with three children in Algeria, where he runs a poultry farm. “Back then I would not even have asked those questions about settling down.Wheelchair sex and the ability to develop sexuality, participate in sexual activity, and maintain long term intimate relations is desired as much by people with a disability as in the general population.The majority of spinal cord injury wheelchair users are 15 to 45 years of age so sex and fertility often become an important issue.Abdel Sellou, his “guardian devil” of 10 years, arranged for it to be souped up so that they could race in it, with him on the back.This is one of many amusing episodes that feature in Untouchable, a film about their unlikely friendship.

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