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NOTE: There will be a mandatory annual membership charge of starting November 01, 2014 to cover the costs of the “Meetup” site, as well as any group incidentals.PG Singles Activity Group (PGSAG) Members Code of Conduct: · Members of the PGSAG group agree: · To conduct ourselves as mature and respectful adults.I, myself am too busy with work and setting up the concerts that our Blues society puts on to have the time to plan anything, But I would sure make an effort to attend some sort of gathering. Something like a Sunday brunch meet and greet sort of thing and everybody just shows up.Unfortunatly, living up here in Mackenzie, it is almost impossible for me to help put something together down there. Going to Cadillac Ranch with a bunch of friends for New Year's Eve party.Mission Statement: “A self-driven group providing opportunities for like-minded people to connect and engage in a variety of activities that facilitates a positive environment filled with endless opportunities for new experiences.” ABOUT US: “PGSAG is a group of mature individuals aged 35 plus based in Prince George.We are respectful, positive and supportive of each other.PGSAG members network and are actively participating in the events offered, as well as possibly initiating and organizing new events.

We like anyone who enjoys a good movie, a glass of red wine and a good laugh..

pick me" id rather talk and see I am doing a massive edit of my profile here mostly because my old profile makes me sound like all i do is talk about bigfoot and fairies and matriarchs all the time, when really I enjoy realism too, and great works of fiction :), creativity, I´m a free spirit.... I like to hike, swim in a lake, canoe, cycle/mountain bike and camp.

I would like to find someone who loves to do the things I love im a cute bisexual brunette university student looking for a fun girl ;) my life revolves around my friends my work and my relationships.

Instead, she was told she first had to be interviewed at a Lifemates office in Vancouver.

Klacansky describes the interview as a "draining...interrogation" that lasted more than 2½ hours.

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