Dns not updating ptr records

Instead, DNS resource records are now updated by the sources that are part of a DNS Update Proxy Group.In order for the DNS Update Proxy Group to update the DNS resource records, a global parameter has been introduced.Our administrators configure reverse DNS on all of our email servers.If you administrate your own server, you can contact your IP address's provider to configure reverse DNS.An Active Directory domain controller (DC) registers quite a few resource records of different types in DNS.When troubleshooting a network, a DNS, or an Active Directory issue, it is sometimes necessary to manually re-register these records.

Site Ground provides PTR records only for Cloud or Dedicated server owners.If you find that you can not resolve IP’s back to a name on your network check your DNS REVERSE LOOKUP ZONE.If there are missing entries, you likely have your DHCP missing one of two settings: This is required if you have DHCP installed on a Domain Controller.The IP addresses used on a Cloud or a Dedicated server are reserved for that particular server, and since you will be the sole occupant, they can be linked to your domains.One PTR record can be configured per IP, linking that IP to a single domain.

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