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Don’t download this content if dystopia, erotic mind control, and ladies with big ol’ dongs aren’t things you find erotic!

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If you’re a backer at the tier, you got this game a month ago. We’re trying to prevent standard Dating Sim save-scumming, let us know if you hate it)○ a training system for 3 stats (more coming)○ a job system with RNG for the risk of triggering the bad event○ animations for sleeping, going into the lift, improving your relationship status, hidden stats checks, spending/earning money, not being allowed to do something…○ a bank system with different savings plan○ a mute system○ a basic keyboard handling system○ a script to turn months of coding into hours (holy shit oh my god I’m so glad we made this)○ fixes to several of the bugs which made the game crash at dramatic or erotic moments Vicky:○ a skill based minigame devoted to Vicky’s traits with 3 exciting ways to lose, and 3 different intros and success outcomes○ 5 outfits for Vicky○ 7 sprites for each character○ 35 mood sprites for Vicky○ 11 events with Vicky○ 2 different endings for Vicky’s quest Build Notes!

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(Note: This is the public release for Futa Dom World 0.1. Build 0.1 includes:○ 6 futa characters○ 9 silhouette character vignettes○ 5 animated sex scenes○ 11 backgrounds (including one panorama)○ 16 musical tracks○ a shop with 3 items to buy that have an impact on different parts of the game (work, bad event, minigame, and even unlocking certain sex scene pics)○ a rent system○ an increasing tax system○ a bad event system with 4 outcomes and RNG○ 4 bad ends○ a save and load system with a limited number of saves (this is a design choice.

I have listen your reviews and here is the result...

I'm still learning flash AS3 so this game is not perfect but it's much better than the first version : D There are 3 seducible characters.

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