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Since it's live, she's able to ask students to give her feedback throughout the class, and if they have a video camera they can aim it to their mat so she can see them too.While it's not the personalized attention you get at an in-person yoga class, it seems like it would beat just popping in a tired DVD. Is a video conference yoga class a cheaper, more comfortable alternative to studios, or should there be a line drawn between yoga and technology?View Full Story The world leader in industrial real estate uses Polycom Real Presence DMA, Mobile, Media Suite, Platform, and Desktop to enable a culture of global collaboration across its many teams in 21 countries.

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The Polycom VVX Camera enables you to connect to video-conference bridges and fully participate in video conferences, right from your desk-phone.The Polycom Real Presence Media Suite is an enterprise recording, webcasting and portal solution that makes the creation and delivery of higher quality videos possible.Real Presence Media Suite can be deployed in a clustered or distributed architecture, providing a scalable and resilient e CDN for content delivery.NATO NCI Agency is using Real Presence Media Suite to expand its training reach to 28 member nations.Employing video conferencing for the NATO school saves time and money on travel, enabling students to take classes independent of location and time zone.

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