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His life-long open relationship with philosopher and feminist (and bisexual) Simone de Beauvoir, with whom he shared a belief in authentic personal freedom, is legendary. Perfect authentic freedom, in Sartre’s case, was licence to be a dick.Modern polyamory, as with Sartre, often expresses itself as a desire for freedom: freedom from tradition, monogamy, boredom or sex-negativity.Serge uses a unique technique: combining the best of NZ wood together with bronze brazed onto copper shapes, using semiprecious gems and jewelers techniques he transforms simple materials into stunning sculptures.This means each of his art creations is one of a kind. Each piece is handmade, polished and protected against tarnishing.More Than Two is less like Sartre and more like his sterner predecessor, German philosopher Immanuel Kant.Kant, who reportedly died a virgin and never left his home town by more than ten miles, defined a moral action as one that treats people as ends, not means, and respects individual agency.

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