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So, although we tend to think (and are often told) that we are not complete until we are married or that singleness is some sort of not-fully-human state, we see in 1 Cor.7 that being single does not make you insignificant.

Our female members are comprised of beautiful career professionals, entrepreneurs, gorgeous fashion models, semi-celebrities, and celebrities.

Many of my friends disapprove - especially other single mother's like me - but while they are furiously looking for (and usually not finding) 'the one' I am meeting my needs with a harem of men at my disposal. He’s nice, but I wouldn’t want to bring him home to meet my parents.

Between his ferocious shaved head and the large diamond drilled into his tooth, he’d spook them. A builder by trade, a massage therapist and a stripper on the side, at 48 he has the body of a man half his age.

With recent advances in engineering it is now possible to build this kind of suit, but that doesn't make it easy," said Ekso Labs President, Russ Angold. SOCOM is assembling a team of exceptional players to ensure this project's ultimate success, and we are proud to be the first contractor and to be at the center of this system." A 2007 grant from the National Institute of Standards and Technology led to the development of Ekso™, a robotic exoskeleton that enables wheelchair users to stand and walk again.

Too often in the church, or even in secular culture, singles seem to be told that they’ll “matter” once their married. The Apostle Paul even wishes that all were single like him.

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