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The teacher will continue to be trained and has been assigned a mentor.

Under the assignment, ninth grade students at the school were asked to create a "neat, colored, professional poster" for the terrorist group, to help them better understand the goals of terror organisations and the methods they use to gain support.

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Replacing these knobs is such an obvious fix: The whole thing is just…dated. (And messy, but that’s because I forgot to not be lazy and straighten up before taking a photograph.) Here’s the thing: Of course I’d love to do a complete kitchen overhaul – new cabinets, maybe a center island, et cetera et cetera – but that’s like…what, 15, 30 grand? Or pay off our student loans, whichever comes first.I know that statement might seem a little cliche, but then why is it so easy to forget?Especially in todays society when it’s never been easier to compare your life/your looks/your success/your social calendar to someone else’s.Even when, what you see through an edited filter, is not entirely accurate.Social media is a blessing, but I think we could all agree that it’s equally a curse.

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    The American Idol competition has come to an end this season, and this year's winner is already reaping the benefits of being a champion.