Updating registry for email program Nude on random chat

Whenever the customer who installed Thunderbird used the Send To: functionality in Word, Thunderbird opened when he really wanted Outlook 2007.

Reversing the call to Thunderbird is an easy change either within Outlook or in the registry.

If you are using Outlook 2010 Home and Business C2R, you should uninstall it then log into the download site and download the MSI.

This will install the traditional Office suite, which is recognized by other applications.

I get a popup with: "Netscape 7.2 Mail could not be set as the default mail application because a registry key could not be updated.

I need to find out where in Windows registry email default app is stored so I can adjust the link to open with the page I want it to but I can’t find it, there is so many different locations.After you install Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, or Outlook 2016 and try to send mail using the File, Send by email command in other applications, Outlook may not be recognized as the default mail client. You are using Outlook 64-bit and 32-bit programs can't "see" 64-bit programs. You are using Home and Business 2010 "Click to Run" (C2R) suite, which is installed in a virtual drive. Also, you cannot mix-and-match Office 'bitness' - you need to use all 64-bit or all 32-bit Office applications. All Office 20 suites are click-to-run; most applications will not have problems due to this. Installing the application AFTER installing Office. There is no benefit in using Office 64 bit for "normal" users.This is the email client that other applications call when they want to send something by email.Examples of this are the Send To: command in some Windows applications, including Microsoft Office, or the Mail To: command in a web application.

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