Who is lauren conrad currently dating

The couple started dating since the Valentine’s Day in 2012 and they have been together for a whole year.

Lauren Conrad also confessed that now her weekends are being spent shopping for home supplies and food, which implies that she is turning into a real housewife.

But, according to insiders, if Lauren was hoping for a slam-dunk in the game of love when she recently stepped out with NBA rookie Josh Mc Roberts, she was sorely mistaken.

While the pair was seen leaving Hollywood hotspot Les Deux on July 17 holding hands, the date was actually a dud.

Sometimes two characters will get into a fight, and that's important to the story line. The last year and a half, I was dating a lot, and it's slim pickings." Now that the celebrity fashion designer and author has gotten used to the spotlight, she's learned not to take things so seriously.

The [producers] need that reenacted." Most of the drama was based on reality, however. "I think anyone in the public eye is going to be hated, and a lesson that I needed to learn quickly is that it is impossible to please everybody," she says.

But on this fateful day, exactly a decade ago, the network aired the first episode of , and we couldn't be more grateful for the television gold that ensued.

The MTV darling confirmed her engagement to former Something Corporate rocker William Tell over the weekend."One person will call you classy, another will call you boring." "People felt that a lot of the things I had were undeserved, maybe because I didn't have a specific talent. I was more of a regular girl and maybe didn't deserve the attention." You know what deserves attention? CLICK HERE to view " We're just glad she's feeling healthy enough to open up!Kristin Cavallari will go down in history as one of reality TV's greatest villains, but you might be surprised to learn that she actually hated playing that part on one of her iconic MTV shows.

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