Who is maino dating

The source claims that Kim has been seen kissing and cuddling close to Maino recently at a club appearance where he was allegedly overheard talking about engagement plans with the Queen Bee.

"Starter Wives Confidential" star Zakia Baum has spoken out about her show's' cancellation, and also revealed what she really thinks about Lil' Kim right now. Since the cancellation of her show "Starter Wives Confidential" reality star Zakim Baum, who's also the mother of Maino's 11-year-old son, talked to the Street Disciplez about 50 Cent lying about getting the show cancelled.

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His cell phone; he seems to not remember this though, but I remember it quite clearly." "I knew she was dating his friend before that. It's interesting, when she did her show, people would tell me, no he's with her; this day he's with her, that day.

All of Black Twitter is anxiously waiting for Maino’s baby mama to provide the receipts. The woman also implied La La and her husband, NBA star Carmelo Anthony, have an open marriage.

I believe it due to La La’s preference for a feminine touch.

How interesting is it that her fans would pick the same person that she is _______________.

Laker’s Shannon Brown who is also in her video “Love All Over Me”.

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